Metaverse in telecom: What to expect?

Metaverse in telecom: What to expect?

The metaverse is the future of the internet. Well! That’s still yet to be proved. While big companies like Microsoft and Facebook are still making a big noise, it won’t be wrong to say that the world seems more connected. 

The pandemic pushed people to go digital and choose a universe beyond a physical realm. It felt so enticing. But will the telecom industry have any role to play in the metaverse? Well! Using landlines, personal computers, and cellphones took so many years. But jumping to the new world will be a lot easier now. Why?

Since the adoption of new technologies will be a lot easier. However, the global metaverse requires internet availability and low-latency infrastructure. While the gaming industry is vouching for its benefits, many believe that the telecom industry will be impacted similarly in the future. 

What’s the situation now?

As of the data available, the telecom companies are moving forward with implementing 5G networks across the world. Many global surveys indicate that it will grow in 137 countries from 176 operators to 461. 

Since the companies are already pouring endless dollars into these new technologies, it is not surprising that they have their hopes high on the futuristic ideas that will give them ROI within a few years. In fact, telecom operators are already digging more into the possibilities of platforms that will use metaverse to bring technologies to life. 

Why? It’s because, without 5G, the existence of metaverse will be far from possible. The 5G has the capability of turning a virtual experience into something that reaches the user in their everyday lives. 

The business possibility has already lured companies like Verizon and SK telecom to build virtual environments that feel real. Many believe this technology can push the earnings to around $700 billion in revenue by the end of 2030.

Having said that, this is still in the conceptual stage. But once it becomes a hit, ICT players like service providers or hyper cloud scales can use this opportunity to provide fast connectivity and reliable internet connectivity. 

What can you expect?

Even today, it is quite tough to figure out how the amount of revenue this new phenomenon will generate in the long term. But many global leaders believe that its early uses, like immersive media, will have around 40% share of the 5G-enabled applications by 2030. 

This is why there will be much more investment in the 5 G-enabled applications. This is why one can expect many providers and tech experts to come together to integrate communication functions and accelerate deployments and customer experience. 

One can also expect a 5G- enabled turn key in the coming years to keep a switch between real and virtual worlds. This metaverse phenomenon will push the operators to integrate 5G in their everyday operations.

But how can the telecom industry drive the metaverse phenomenon in the time to come? Here’s how!

 Telecom and Metaverse: Why do they go hand-in-hand?

  1. Everyone knows the AR/VR headsets. They are quite popular as game consoles or smartphones. Its use will increase in the metaverse stage as well. They will become getaways into the virtual worlds. But a lot needs to be improved in terms of resolution, portability, and bringing the view into the mainstream. This is why collaboration with device vendors and telecom operators is a must for lifecycle management. 
  1. The metaverse can’t reach its full potential if the connectivity is poor. This is why 5G is growing since it can help deliver higher data speeds with lower latency and better reliability. The idea is to build a consistent experience, and telecom operators can help businesses enter the metaverse. And with the operators shifting towards 6G in the coming years, it will accelerate the possibilities of metaverse-enabled applications even more. Further, the development will also depend on fiber connectivity. Since there will be offloading of the traffic through Wi-Fi 6, there will be even better opportunities in terms of capacity and efficiency. 
  1. Metaverse and computing power also go hand-in-hand. The requirement will be a hundred times higher than what we require now. And since 5G and 6G can reduce the latency requirements, the metaverse will soon become a reality. The operators will be able to unlock more efficient ways to unlock data transfer while keeping security a priority. It will even enhance the diversification of revenue streams. 
  1. Since the metaverse will collect endless information, using the data correctly will become necessary. And the telecom operators can help solve this issue by using the right analytics and AI applications to improve their revenue streams further.

In short, it will give a platform to the metaverse-based applications and an environment where they can function without hassle. The same industry can integrate different options to develop metaverse platforms as well. It will be more about interoperability than standalone options in the coming times. 

Final Takeaways: Metaverse is the future, and the telecom industry will accelerate its growth

Metaverse is coming, or should we say, is already making its presence felt. But if we aren’t ready to embrace various metaverse-based applications, it will become impossible to embrace the new technology. 

Since the technology requires a better resolution, low pixel persistence, a high enough refresh rate, and rock-solid connectivity, the importance of the telecom industry is only bound to increase. It’s time that the telecom industry works toward interoperability and uses this opportunity from a business point of view. 

The metaverse will require cyberspace, and without connectivity, it won’t be possible to extend this phenomenon to every corner of the globe. As a result, telecom operators need to rethink and strategize their next 20 years and find every opportunity that will allow them to grow.

Only then can you grow in the new virtual world. 

So, are you taking the necessary steps? Do you have an idea where you can integrate metaverse-based applications into your current revenue stream? Are you looking into market feasibility? If not, let’s connect and find out different options to help you get started!

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