Media & Telecommunication Service Providers Reinventing CX to Stay Ahead of Shifting Consumer Preferences

Media & Telecommunication Service Providers Reinventing CX to Stay Ahead of Shifting Consumer Preferences

Did you know that more than 30% of TMT industry executives confirm that their company might cease to exist if they don’t undergo reinvention? But that’s not all!

  • More than 50% believe that they need to shift to innovative business models.
  • More than 25% think that businesses need new strengths but cannot find the “to-do’s” to create a priority list. 

Many industry leaders believe that companies need to remain positive about making changes. However, with so many options available now, one doesn’t know where to begin. However, businesses can use the following drivers to bring about the change. 

  • Operational excellence
  • Innovation 
  • Upskilling talent 

These will allow businesses to work on the challenges they are facing now while decoding opportunities for long-term possibilities. The evolving digital landscapes drive companies to reevaluate their transformational goals to respond positively to the shifting customer demands. 

At this point, it won’t be wrong to say that after the pandemic, maintaining connectivity and continuity is one of the most necessities for the media and telecommunications industry. And since the consumers are ready to embrace new ways of doing things, companies need to change to build a robust digital presence while meeting the needs of consumers. 

But how? Let’s find out!

Integration of humanized experience with digital technology

Digital technologies are the need of the hour. However, only a great design won’t help you reach the audience. You need to create humanized experiences if you want to take the possibilities far and beyond. For instance, one of the yoga apparel companies will be acquiring an interactive fitness startup that sells both equipment and subscription-based home exercise classes. 

Another example is Livestream shopping that is making shopping an entertaining and a social experience. However, when it comes to the TMT industry, customer experience starts with every digital touchpoint. Be it call center or product user interface. You need to include human experience. 

How to get started with that?

  • Brand marketers need to access all the questions to find ways to establish a connection with customers. They need to work on their storytelling to evoke a feeling. 
  • Identify and understand human needs. Augmented intelligence can help do that at a scale that wasn’t possible before. 
  • Organizations need to be agile to build connections and meet all the needs of their visitors and customers. 

Redefining deliverables to make them appealing

The pandemic accelerated disruption and transformative trend. There will be much blurring of boundaries. Once, it was all one-way media with strictly preset content. Today is about a more multidimensional approach when it comes to incorporating customer channels. Thus, creating new synergies to optimize the customer experience.

Leverage robust digital networks

The lockdown boosted the demand for broadband services. Everyone understood the importance of fast, reliability, and connectivity. This gave telcos a solid financial footing as they had to fulfill the needs of the changing consumer preferences. Telcos are integrating 5G infrastructure to improve customer experience and accelerate revenue by offering better service offerings. 

Now that you are aware of different options let’s talk about the various TMT companies that can quickly become providers of choice. 

How to become providers of choice?

It is clear that the pandemic brought about a massive change in consumer habits. And many believe that these new behaviors are here to stay. At the same time, the world is undergoing a transformation, driven by different trends including,

  • Adapt 
  • Asymmetry 
  • Age
  • Polarization
  • Trust

So, to redefine customer experiences, companies need to start with the following options. Are you ready to take a look?

Innovations after understanding consumer priorities

Everyone is looking for high-quality and valuable experiences. That’s how they can build meaningful connections in their day-to-day lives. For instance, music is one of the best ways to express. So, home concerts, impromptu musical collaborations can improve innovations and hence customer experiences. 

Improve broadband offerings

If you want people to connect to your services besides quality and reliability, you must bring in services that offer free or discounted plans or upgrades or tailor new products, especially for the people working from home. 

Recognize the opportunities and risks involved

This sector constantly struggles to meet the growing demand for video streaming and mobile internet usage. However, with digital-age management practices, the service providers can achieve cost savings while maintaining their scale. If you are dedicated to implementing innovation, you can eventually increase customer experience.

Customize consumer experiences

The smartphone penetration is growing and is expected to grow by leaps and bounds. In fact, some believe people above the age of 45 will drive this growth even more. One needs to seize this opportunity to create better service offerings like pay-as-you-go options. 

Leverage data to strengthen relationships

Companies are collecting data at every digital touchpoint. But merely doing that won’t help you fill the gap to become an insight-driven business. More than 80% of companies say that they have already started tracking every metric to improve customer experience.

Using this data, you can develop algorithms that will allow them to create individualized and personalized content. It won’t be wrong to say that this hour needs to ensure that they are giving what their consumers are looking for. In short, you must focus more on gaining valuable consumer insights to improve face-to-face communication. 

Final Words- It’s Time to Reinvent CX to Drive Sales and Revenue

The world is evolving. And it’s the same for telcos as well. They are no longer using traditional ways to compete with one another. The next-gen of business leaders are trying to seize untapped growth or markets. The leaders are resetting their organization's DNA to meet the demands of changing consumer preferences. 

In this unprecedented crisis, service providers need to innovate quickly, adopt rapid decision-making, and create processes that will help you focus on customers' needs.

If you are also a part of this industry, are you making the right decisions to stay ahead of the changing consumer preferences? If not, it’s high time you consult the right people to initiate the right strategies that will allow you to stay at the top of the competition. 

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