Live Streaming: How is it Impacting Global Industries?

Live Streaming: How is it Impacting Global Industries?

Videos are everywhere. And their popularity has swiftly grown since the last few years. The development of innovative video technologies is the driver of its success in today’s world. In fact, if you go by the statistics, more than 80% of the traffic would consist of video content by the end of 2021. 

But that’s what you know about all the different forms of videos available now. Many believe that live streaming video will have the most significant impact on different industry niches compared to other video options available. 

Now you must be wondering why there is so much hype around this type of video content? Well! The answer is pretty much straightforward. More than 60% of the population between 18 to 34 years old is inclined towards live streaming content. And because of its immense popularity, the market value of this video content will be around $70 billion by the end of 2021. 

It won’t be wrong to say that this industry will get bigger and stronger. Are you still wondering about the impact of live streaming in global industries? Without further ado, let’s begin right away!

Live Streaming- Its Growing Popularity and Impact on Global Industries

  • Media Industry: The integration of video or live streaming content led to a transition from conventional options to digital ones. Digital media is quickly overtaking newspapers, flyers, and video ads. In fact, live streaming became the staple for many news websites. So, you don’t have to wait for any 6 pm broadcast anymore since you can access live content anytime and anywhere. Plus, with the growth of social media, it has become a pretty winning combo. 
  • Entertainment industry: The popularity of traditional TV content is declining with the launch of a number of OTT services like Netflix, and more. This allows everyone to watch their favorite content anytime and anywhere. And with gaming consoles, smart TVs, tablets, and others, live streaming is quite evolving in this industry. 
  • Education industry: If you think live streaming is for entertainment alone, you are highly mistaken. This technology provides so many options for learning worldwide. It is proving to be an indispensable tool to access education via online classrooms, workshops, and schools. 
  • Fitness industry: This industry is massive, with more than $90 billion market value. And with the digital fitness options, the subset of this industry will reach around $25 billion by 2022. Video streaming allows companies to engage with their customers directly. Plus, the convenience and flexibility of this option make it quite an exciting option for the one who wants to get the gym experience in the comfort of their home. 

Besides these industries, for businesses, this streaming technology is bringing some quality transformations to businesses. It can be vital for communications of all sorts. Companies can hold online meetings at a click of button with anyone. Plus, company streaming events are helping businesses gain traction and improve their credibility. 

But that’s not all! 

Clearly, it is pretty helpful for a plethora of industries. But why is it better than other video content available out there? Let’s find out more about it!

Why Should Businesses Opt for Live Streaming?

Live streaming provides a variety of benefits, and this is why you must give it a go at least once. 

It is affordable with better ROI

Since live streams aren’t time-consuming, businesses can save the cost that goes into post-production. Also, they are spontaneous, so you get a chance to create content faster. So, fewer expenses, more ROI. Also, users like watching live videos. Also, it is quite an affordable set up for a live stream. 

It is the best way to foster trust

It is an excellent way to be transparent about your brand’s functioning. If you are giving insights about your operations, it will help you improve your credibility and trust amongst your end users or customers. It will also help you create a relaxed way for an engagement with your viewers. 

It is a fantastic way to build brand awareness

Since live streaming allows you to replace your corporate identity with a face that your user can connect easily. Thus, making people effortlessly resonate with it. Today is the time for fostering genuine relationships and adding the “human” side to the equation. And with live streaming, it is easy. 

It is easier for audience engagement 

If your business requires influencer marketing to operate, or if you are one yourself, live streaming is an invaluable component of your strategies. It will make it easier to interact with your audience. Thus, giving you more propositions to stick to. 

It allows collaborating with creators 

Every content creator understands that collaboration is the key to engaging the audience. And live streaming allows you to do it in a plethora of ways. It makes it easy to share ideas, improve user experience, and attract a large audience. 

In short, all of this is possible using live streaming. 

Final Words- Live Streaming is Transforming Business Landscape for Good

We stand firmly with this statement. It is indisputable that love streaming is impacting the world for the better. It is influencing global industries in many ways. 

Remember, the world is changing. And if you want to resonate with your audience in today’s growing digital world, you must switch to It is, in fact, already providing a quality experience to the end-users. Leaders around the globe are considering shifting towards online streaming. However, there must be a strategy in place before you start doing it for your audience. 

You must ask some questions to understand budget expenditure and understand how to build your streaming strategy. 

  • Where does your audience consume their content? What type of devices should you opt for live streaming?
  • How to choose between quality and time-to-market strategy?
  • Do you need any content protection?
  • How to monetize your service? 
  • How much should you go for a customizable viewing experience?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you can easily create a winning strategy for your business. So, are you all set to include live streaming in your marketing strategy?

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