How Will 5G Impact IoT-based Applications

How Will 5G Impact IoT-based Applications

Are you tech-savvy? You must be pretty aware of the comfort and the valuable insights that IoTs offer nowadays. Gladly, even if you aren't technologically inclined, this disruption will have definitely crossed your path at least once. 

To put it simply, if you are aware of:

  • Connected home hubs
  • Smart thermostats
  • Remote door locks
  • App-controlled devices

The chances are that you are already aware IoTs. Honestly, the use of IoTs is skyrocketing in industries as well as personal life. In fact, the penetration of IoT in our daily lives saw an increase and is projected to reach around $520 billion by 2021. 

Moreover, the number of connected devices will also increase from 700 million to approximately 3.2 billion by 2023. Many factors push this technological innovation, but it's the comprehensive and extensive development of 5G networks. 

Yes, the launch of 5G networks is excellent news for the IoT market since it will support the technology by improving its performance and reliability. 

But how? Surely, that must be running through your mind while reading all the facts! So, head on to the next part of this article and see for yourself. 

5G and IoTs- Why is the Best Combination of all Times?

The best thing about IoTs is that it helps you communicate with other devices, smartphones, and tablets. Not only that, but it also connects to apps or websites. So, if you include 5G in this equation, the speed increases by many folds. 

If you go by reports, 5G will be ten times faster than the current LTE networks. This enables the IoT devices to communicate with one another a lot faster. 

How 5G will change IoT technology

It is especially beneficial for smart home devices since it reduces lag and improves the overall speed of the connected devices.

But that's not all! Here is another way it's beneficial in the long run. Besides speed, the same networks help create more stable conditions. It goes without saying that for the IoTs to work efficiently, they need a stable and reliable network. Plus, security cameras, locks, and monitoring systems rely primarily on a stable network for real-time updates. 

What next? Well! Here are some of the ways this combination can bring out the best. 

  • Self-driving cars: The sensors present in self-driving cars can generate a lot of data. For instance, it could store information related to temperature, traffic conditions, weather, GPS location, etc. However, processing such a large amount of information eats up a lot of energy. 

 Also, such cars rely on real-time to provide better service offerings. Including 5G networks can constantly sort such data and autonomously keep track of the future designs and working conditions of the car.

  • Healthcare: This industry will also see a lot of improvement in many series associated with medical devices. Since many providers are coming up with IoT-enabled medical devices, adopting 5G networks will hugely benefit remote locations where the healthcare facilities have not yet reached. One can even think of performing world-class health care surgeries remotely. Not only that, but the same technology can help consumers reach their favorite professionals quite easily.
  • Logistics: 5G connectivity makes it possible for all the IoT tracking sensors to gather data in real-time without any latency. Thus, it enables it to accumulate data within a supply chain for a very long period. One could collect detailed information about the location of the product, the temperature, and its delivery.
  • Smart cities: It will help the providers expand their initiatives like water and waste management and traffic monitoring to enhance services that the consumers can enjoy. It will make it easier to integrate different systems and bring vision into reality. 
  • Retail: The role of 5G in this space is quite diverse since it will help shape customer engagement and experiences. The connective devices will allow companies to interact with their shoppers faster than before. Also, with AI and AR becoming a reality, adding a variety of experiences will enhance the customer experience.

 In short, it won't be wrong to say that 5G and IoT will bring together different items and create a digital twin to increase efficiency and reliability. 

 Real-life examples

  • IBM and Verizon are developing 5G and edge solutions like remote-controlled robotics with real-time video analysis for remote inspections. They are also developing a civil infrastructure solution to help them create bridges, tunnels, highways, and railways. 
  • The same company is helping with virtual inspections using the same technology. 


Final Takeaways- The Smart and Connected Future is Here

Since society is rapidly transforming itself into a new phase, the recent development of AI, data processing, and cellular communications increases the use of modern solutions in everyday life. Plus, it is giving rise to faster wireless data exchange as well. 

Right now, everyone is enjoying the comfortable speed of 4G. However, the push towards 5G will further improve the performance to nearly 20Gbps. Many believe that connected devices will reach up to 50 billion by 2030, so 5G will help quickly achieve a faster and more innovative future.

This is what you can expect in the next 20 years or so.

  • Smart homes
  • Synced watches
  • Phones devices
  • Fitness apps

In short, a higher inclination towards IoT devices will further increase the need for five networks. Imagine using the city grid to charge your vehicle through wireless technologies. If that doesn't entice you. You can further think of a future where farmers in rural areas can monitor and track their crops, livestock, and machinery through drones. 

In short, society will be a lot more efficient where one can expect streams of information catered to personal preferences. For instance, one could stream their favorite entertainment from anywhere.

Isn't that great? 

It's like everything in this world will soon get connected wirelessly like those wireless airdrops that are so famous nowadays. One can only expect better things in the future. Also, with the introduction of 5G, the use of such communication channels will become a lot easier and faster. 

So, what do you think will hit the market first? 

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