Chatbots in Telecom Industry: Why Are They Need of the Hour?

Chatbots in Telecom Industry: Why Are They Need of the Hour?

Did you know that more than 1 billion people using messaging apps or mobile applications are willing to talk to chatbots? Not only that, using chatbots can help businesses save up to around 30% on their customers' support costs. A technology that was often considered a nice gimmick has become an indispensable tool in today's time. 

It won't be wrong to say that all the industries are readily transforming their business operations to integrate chatbots to expand their business value. The telecommunications industry isn't any different. The growing telecom companies are using these innovative technologies to provide better value to their customers. 

No longer providing phone or internet services is enough for the customers regarding telecom industry service offerings. The customers want better experiences, which drives the industry to adopt new digital technologies to stay ahead of the competition. 

Plus, with the Covid-19 crisis, since more people are forced to work from home, optimization or call center resources became the need of the hour. Whether a straightforward question or any complex inquiry, chatbots are becoming an excellent replacement for human counterparts. 

But why are they need of the hour? Let's find out more!

Chatbots hold importance in the telecom industry- Decoding use cases

If you think chatbots are only there for customer support, let's make it clear! They do more than just manage requests quickly and efficiently. Here are some of the ways it boosts business value in telecoms.

Improves Customer Support

The chatbots help clients find what they are looking for quickly and 24/7. Not only does it help save time and resources. But it also helps resolve repetitive issues as well. In fact, chatbots can help redirect customers to departments where they can resolve their complex problems. Further, it helps deal with a massive number of queries at a given moment. Not only that, this technology allows providing smoother experiences for customers. Thus, improving customer retention, which eventually enhances business value. 

Helps fix technical issues

Like we mentioned before, customer experience is linked to business value. Customers often find themselves challenged to find solutions to technical issues. However, with conversational chatbots, they don't have to search through forums anymore. They can rely directly on the telecom company to solve their technical issues no matter how complex they are. 

Enhances Productivity

Chatbots help telecom companies improve their productivity by taking care of time-consuming tasks. These tasks are usually monotonous. Thus, assisting the customer support team and focusing on essential tasks or complex technical issues. Hence, improving workforce efficiency in the end. 

Personalize Future Interactions

If you think chatbots are only helpful to resolve technical or non-technical queries, you are only half right. It's because the same technology can help customers regarding payments, subscriptions, deals, and so much more. In other words, it allows customers to get information that is relevant to them. 

In other words, it acts like a listener that helps understand customer behavior and desires. Thus, allowing telecom companies to personalize future engagements based on their needs and wishes. Hence, it will enable companies to strengthen their credibility and brand loyalty.

Meets Customer Needs With Cross-selling and Promotions

Telecom companies have tons of ongoing offers. However, keeping tabs on customer preferences can be quite challenging. With chatbots, one can easily offer upgrades or tailored offers depending on their past behavior. For instance, if customers constantly travel to different countries, they can offer a better deal with a more extended subscription. Thus, allowing companies to improve sales and customer acquisition. 

Reduces Cyber Frauds

The telecommunication industry has been rapidly growing and evolving over the last few years. However, with growth, there has been a surge in the number of fraud rates. Thus, causing a lot of security and data privacy issues as well. And this industry is quite vulnerable to this issue. In fact, more than the companies lost 29 billion euros in losses related to fraud. 

With chatbots integrated with machine learning, one can easily detect unknown traffic deviations and other signs that might indicate data breaches. Thus, helping companies recognize all the warning signs that could otherwise result in the breast of trust. 

In short, when it comes to chatbots in telecom industries, it goes beyond just attending to customer issues. Using conversation platforms, one can help telecom companies understand client behavior as well. It could be an excellent way to collect customer feedback organically. 

Further, the same platform will allow them to build customer engagement and discuss services or interests that will help companies create a bond that will improve their customer loyalty measures.

Now you must be thinking about the implementation of chatbots to increase your business value, right? For that, you must be aware of the features of a telecom chatbot. 

Features of Chatbots in Telecom Industry

  • Make sure it is conversational like Alexa and Siri. So, you must integrate a system that allows your customers to speak to a bot naturally. This is how conversational AI platforms are growing in popularity. 
  • Modern chatbots aren't only for updating status. In this, one can use the same to send notifications or offer deals as any physical agent does. All you have to do is integrate it with RPA, and the rest will be done. 
  • You can use chatbots on many channels to allow your customers to have a smooth experience at every digital touchpoint. 

Conclusion: Chatbots are an indispensable tool for increasing business value and sales 

Chatbots are turning out to be a savior for telecom companies in many ways. Clearly, their roles is more than just providing customers with the initial assistance. For instance,

  • It helps them improve the quality of customer interaction by being available to their consumers 24/7. 
  • They are efficient and hence save money and improve the effectiveness of the whole service.
  • They allow the companies to analyze customer trends and interactions with a company. 

In short, it's helping telecom companies reduce customer attrition rates by assisting them in offering impeccable services. Are you using it for your company? If not, what's stopping you?

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